Tuesday, May 25

finally found it...

I spent this past weekend (during the day) getting organized, starting to pack.....cleaning out all the closets. At night I poured over all my old Domino's, and tears that I have saved for inspiration and "someday...." I just wasn't getting that jazzed about anything and I need to pick paint and whatnot for our new place.
Then I picked up Elle Decor. I LOVE the images above...all from Ellen Pompeo's house in LA. I have a new direction...Moroccan Tea Tables and Assorted Ikat Pillows...here we go!


Sonchia said...

YES! Love. So many thoughts. Did you bring anything fun home from your travels that could work? Love (did I say that already?).


Rebecca said...

Beautiful! Love the couch and pillow combination! I could totally see this in your casa.