Thursday, May 20

If only...

If only I had another house. Scratch that - houses. There are just too many wonderful items out there! Of course, while in the next town over (Ridgway, CO) for some work meeting with students, I just had to stop by one of my favorite "junk" stores. So many wonderful finds! Imagine how much trouble I would be in if I lived in a big city with multiple antique stores!

How great is this table? It would make for a perfect "island" in a funky kitchen. The bottom part is a lazy susan. Wouldn't it be fun with some round wicker baskets full of fancy waters, wines, and such? This is for sale for an insane price - so low I almost just got it anyway for some future house I may own. It needs a little TLC, but is actually in great condition. It is killing me that it is still sitting outside across the street from the coffee shop I am sitting in.

This is a super sweet desk. Again, another great deal. I could see this with a fresh fun coat of colorful paint & keep the glass knobs to use in a little girl's bedroom.

Another favorite find. How great are these colorful chairs? I could see these chairs around a big rustic wooden farm table in an industrial loft. Again, an absolutely mind boggling insane deal - all 6 chairs & the table (behind, not so great) all under $100. Dying here.

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Rebecca said...

That table with the lazy susan is amazing! All of these finds are great - and no, cannot believe that all 6 chairs plus table are less than 100!!!