Saturday, August 8

New Find

Sorry for being so out of the loop lately, but things have been hectic. Wanted to share with you both a new "find" I discovered yesterday. I had to run to Montrose to drop friend/Pinhead scientist, "Scientist Susan" off at the airport & then met some friends over in Ouray (about an hour from Telluride) for a late lunch. While in Ouray walking around, I stumbled upon a new little store.

I am in love! Everything in The Blue Pear is lovely. Most of the interior stores in the area are chock full of leather, antlers, pewter, and dark wood. This store is light, airy, and full of fun little finds. I know you guys have lots of these around your areas, but to find such a store here warms my heart. I cannot wait to frequent this store to see what new things I can find next visit.

Even the displays are cute.

I love this. What a creative way to reuse packaging.

I dig these silver sugar bowls.

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