Thursday, March 18

Our Target Secret

Lots of discussions on various blogs about the new Liberty of London line at Target.  I am sure you saw the super cute cruiser bike! Anyway, I was sad to hear on I Heart You about the quality of fabric on the women's liberty of london line.  

So here is the secret - Erin and I had GREAT luck today with the girl's section - we just looked at the XL clothes.  1.) They were way cheaper than the Women's clothes. 2.) The L of L stuff was cotton and cute. 

Erin's cute XL girls dress 
Rebecca's cute XL girls shirt

If your man will venture in to wearing floral prints - they have WONDERFUL ties and men's shirts.  

Scott's cute men's shirt


Anonymous said...

I bought the sweet pea shirt for my daughter. It is gorgeous.

Sonchia said...

Dying to go. Target - 1.5 hrs away. Thinking of heading up on Saturday (weather is supposed to be gross here). So very jealous.

Julie said...

I LOVED one of the girls dresses at El Con Target--fitted bodice green print--but only had a L...too small.
Super cute!!!