Thursday, June 10

Daydreaming: A New Kitchen

There are so very many things I would love to do to our condo - I know, I sound like a broken record complaining about it all of the time. It is just that we rent, so, we cannot really do much beyond trying to just make do. Every morning I visit Little Green Notebook as it is always chock full of wonderful design ideas. Today did not disappoint. Featured today is a run down of small kitchens - and all these images do is make me want to take a sledgehammer to my rental kitchen.

Just a sneak peak. Go see more loveliness here.


DiRector Murray said...

Ummmm you can come help me with my small kitchen. I think you need a trip to the big city!

Sonchia said...

I saw photos on FB. I don't think you need MY help at all! Would love a visit sometime this summer - have to find a free weekend at some point! Hope all is well. XOXO.

Rebecca said...

This kitchen is lovely. We have remodel dreams as well, and even though we own, I don't know if is is best for us to spend $$ on it right now (housing market in AZ - not so great when you bought high...).