Sunday, June 6

Pinky Beige and Drip Marks....

We are moved...and this new place is going to be a bigger project than anticipated. I have been going nuts over what color to paint....and the fact that the longer we are here, the more it is evident that we need to paint the entire place...ceilings and all.
Above: 2nd Bathroom....right now it is purple. Soon I think it will be #2. "Dolphin"

Above and Below...Color for Walls, and color for back wall and fireplace....Leaning towards #1 "Paper Mache" above and #2 " Dolphin" below...thoughts?

Below is a little sneak peek...and a major "before" There were vertical blinds on these sliders, which are now gone :). Plan is to paint the fireplace and wall with the sliders the same color, and finish out the rest in a clean white.

Who knows anything about painting ceilings?


Sonchia said...

1. Yuck to vertical blinds. Like super double yuck. Hate is a word that comes to mind. Thank you for removing them (not that I would expect any less).

2. I think the colors you have selected look great. Hard to tell via photo, but I think you are picking good combos.

3. What exactly do you want to know about painting ceilings? Most places I have worked on (in my former interior design life) we have used "ceiling white" paint/color. We sometimes did colored ceilings, but it sort of depends on the space. It really isn't that hard of a project - cut in & roll.

Thanks for the "before" sneak peak. I cannot wait to see how you end up decorating the place! Congrats on the big move.

Rebecca said...

Chicken - loving the first pic of the house! Keep us in the loop of all you do. Fun new house projects! The colors you pick look awesome. I think colors can be so hard because they can look so different on the card, to the wall, to painting the entire wall. I am lost on painting ceilings...

We have done some fun things with color (lines, vertical and slanted in the hallway). My suggestion is have some fun with the tape and paint some subtle designs. :)

CathyP said...

Update. Went with a color called "Secret" looks GREAT. I love it, just a tad more earthy than Dolphin. Does that make any sense? The White for the other walls has been chosen as well.

SO...ceiling paint. I thought (wrong) that you just asked for some "celing white" ...and I sent KP down to the hardware store for a "quart of ceiling paint in white for a bathroom" no dice. I have to go pick it out. W.

We are now getting professionals...One bathroom and a wall and a half were too much for us :)

Sonchia said...

Fly me out & I will paint for you guys like it is nobody's bidnez. Cheaper than hiring painters? And more fun? Say yes (hint hint).