Thursday, June 10

Sad songs....

To my best friend
My sister
My design inspiration,
dance partner,
shared brain twin.
I love you. 

Erin once sang me this song before she left town at karaoke.  Always makes me cry.


Sonchia said...

I know it will be hard to have her gone, but think of all the fun from afar - care packages, phone calls, iChat, road trips, guest blog posts, funny cards via snail mail, etc. I think this next chapter is going to be just as fun & exciting for you both!

CathyP said...

thanks for making me cry at work ;)
So sad...but I agree with Sonchia above. Maybe now you will have to move too, then I would really visit a lot...but probably still stay with Nona. I heart her casita :)

Rebecca said...

So agree...working on my first care package now!
Counting down the days until we are there for July 4th!