Monday, June 29

Cabin Craft Time

I am off to the cabin for the week! I cannot wait. Counting down the minutes. The cabin is always filled with lots of Arts and Crafts. Last year we made embroidery hats (this one was made by my friend Sarah and says - Jemezmorized - to describe the state we are in while in the Jemez Mountains).

This year I am suggesting this craft - seems practical since we might need some coasters and also will use the endless magazines we have at the cabin: Recycled Magazine Coasters


Sonchia said...

First - these hats are hilarious.

Second - love the coaster project. I plan on making a bunch of these baskets (link below) tonight for our upcoming silent auction. I found this project a couple of weeks ago.

From the same site as your coasters! I want to use these newspaper baskets for the goodies baskets we are auctioning off - versus lame "regular" baskets that always end up on the garbage. Our party theme is "Eco-Geek" this year.

Have so much fun at the cabin. Jealous!


CathyP said...

ohhhhh this is fun. I am going to make a basket, too!