Friday, June 5

Help me with my house

We have lived in the Ice House for 4 years. Scott and I have both have remodel fever. Hoping to do big changes for Kitchen and Bathroom...but before we do that, we are planning on painting one of the big walls and adding a huge curtain that we can use to make the house darker in the morning.

My questions for you...

1.) what color wall (the big one with the window, not the side one with the CD holder)? We are thinking a pale blue/grey.

2.) What color for the big curtain?

Gracias ladies!


Sonchia said...

I need to "marinate" on this one a bit.

First, I think you need to use a white cotton (duck, sailcloth?) for the curtain. That way you can reuse it easily and you won't get sick of it anytime soon. It is also very cost effective. Use accessories as accents - they are cheaper to replace, you can be trendier, and you can move them around should you tire of them.

Onto the paint. I think it would need to go more gray-blue than blue-gray as to not "fight" with the awesome green in your kitchen. But certainly not blah gray...gray with a punch. When I get home I will look through my paint fans (yes - I have a couple just in case) to see if I can't find a fun color. I know Benjamin Moore sells small jars so you can paint testing strips. B.M. is a bit more expensive, but it is higher quality paint & usually therefore only takes one (maaaaybe two) coats. Definitely paint some samples on the wall though so you guys can see how the paint changes with the light throughout the day. Paint chips will just not do.

Whew - sorry for the long comment. Wish we could be there in person to help. I love projects like this and miss doing this since we rent - boo.

Becca said...

thank you. no apologies for the long comment. we are painting a big wall and making a big curtain. i want to research it and ultimately, want to like what we do for awhile. I appreciate your feedback as you all are my style gurus.

Many places open in the Ice House girls....move to Tucson?!!?!?

Sonchia said...

If only. I think those places are so great.

Sonchia said...

PS. The wave painting wasn't there when I visited. Did you end up doing the button/poster project? Pics please!

CathyP said...

I have to think about this too....S is right on the Gray...needs to be a warmer color rather than blue.

I just saw this ingenious thing where a lady used canvas drop cloths for curtains, really cost effective...let me dig up.

CathyP said...

What color is the other big wall by the stairs?

Becca said...

it is a light grey on the bottom, then has a diagonal line, and darker grey on top. I want a bluer grey then the stairwell grey on the big wall. Also, will go take a piture of my neighbors curtains for a visual.