Wednesday, June 24

Portrait Game Time!

All of these portraits are in Erin and Andrew's house.

1.) Which portrait was painted by Andrew?
2.) Which portrait is of Erin?
3.) Which portrait is of my dad?
4.) Which portrait is my aunt Lucy?










CathyP said...

b is lucy
d is erin
g is paul

Andrew is so crafty he probably painted all of them...

Becca said...

I'll give you a hint - Andrew painting is of a Mexican revolutionary. :)

Dennis said...

im not sure who did all of - i know Lucy did B - andrew did F. i didn't know your dad did any... and ERin... i didnt' know that either..

that said... my favorites are H, B, D. i think D could be deconstructed to just hair and that dress and you'd recognize who it is.

Becca said...

ps. Lucy's is a self portrait. :)

Sonchia said...

I love this post. I also love that Erin & Andrew have all of these portraits in their house. My favorite one has to be "C" because it seems so very very random given the collection. I need to visit Erin & Andrew's house.