Friday, June 5

Lunch Time!

I just ate some know that chicken rice casserole I used to make? Yeah, I still make it. Now it does not contain condensed soup so it is "healthy"...and it generally contains a vegetable that I need to use up, last night that was broccoli. I am sort of only good at making casserole, poor Keith.

I work next to a mall. Like a really good mall with a Nordstrom, Anthro, J.Crew, All the Home Stores (RH, PB, WS, CB...etc), Kiehls, you name it we have it. It is also a lovely place to shop, is good and bad. Good because I have always been a shopper, not only to buy things, but it clears my head....I can roam and browse and think about stuff. Bad because I go over there so much that I always catch the sale (this means I buy stuff).

Today I left with this...on sale 12.99. Cute Ikat is sort of scratchy so I need to wash it.

Then I went to J.Crew. I put this on order in a light washed blue. I generally have a rule about paying full price at JC (only if I have a gift card), but this shirt is too good to pass up...with boyfriend jeans or white jeans, or even as a coverup..

Ok that's it. Back to the it 5 yet? I have a happy hour to get to at the dog park :)


Becca said...

SO CUTE! Love the shirt C.

Sonchia said...

First - I hate you b/c I cannot even remember the last time I was at a mall. Online shopping sorta sucks.

Secondly - I hate you b/c I LOVE both of those purchases. Maybe I need you to buy two of everything from here on out. We don't live in the same city (boo) so the "twins" thing won't be an issue. Whadda think? Wanna be my personal shopper? I need the J.Crew shirt like NOW. Seriously.

Becca said...

How about triplets?

CathyP said...

Sonch...if you really want the blue one, let me know and I can get you one. They are out on line, but they did a store search and are mailing it to me for free...