Monday, June 15

Design inspiration - Claire and Jonathan

front door

We went over to Claire and Jonathan's house the other night to enjoy some cocktails in their backyard. They are the couple that lives on the ranch (we visited after our wedding) but their permanent residence is in the Barrio in Tucson. I wish my iPhone took better photos, but EVERYTHING Claire and Jonathan do is amazing. They are both so artistic and have a great eye for what looks perfect together. Enjoy some photos of their house and backyard below. They are getting married in Tucson in October - I am sure it will be amazing! I will take photos. :)

Andrew, Jonathan and Claire in their backyard
back door

front room by front door

hanging on wall - full of mementos

Love the vintage suitcase by the chair

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Sonchia said...

I am dying & I love it! So funky and cute. I need to move to Tucson NOW. PLEASE take pics at the wedding - I had my own Tucson wedding all planned out at one point...maybe someday.

Awesome post!