Sunday, March 6

Things That Make Me Happy...

I recently read a great article in a back issue of Real Simple all about taking time to appreciate things in your life. In a small side note caption in a much larger article, it mentions a woman who takes a week every year to capture the nitty-gritty of seven solid days of her life in order to celebrate the "everyday stuff." For some reason this resonated with me and I decided to take a week & photograph my favorite part of each day. It was a fun project...and helped me appreciate the little things that comprise a day and see them in new ways.
What things do you appreciate in your day?

Saturday: A snowy hike. My new favorite thing - this moss that grows on the trees that is the most amazing color of green. Apparently elk & deer snack on this throughout the winter for nutrients. It is by far my newest favorite discovery.

Sunday: Farm fresh eggs. Brown, white, blue. The colors are amazing & these eggs taste unreal.

Monday: Poetry. Read to me in bed. This particular book - a recent gift. I haven't read poetry since I had to in school for English class. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed poetry and I was surprised how much I actually remembered. Pick up a poetry book today - I promise you won't regret it.

Tuesday: Coffee. Well, this is an everyday favorite. Black. French Press. I cannot live without it.

Wednesday: A simple DIY. Seriously - it took mere minutes. A fun project. Sort of industrial bling. Dig.

Thursday: TAB Fashion Show. A huge annual event here in Telluride - all to benefit AIDS organizations doing great work around the world. The models are all locals who practice for months. The show is a huge production and is always a blast.

Friday: Gift wrapping. I don't know what I get a bigger kick out of...the wrapping or the gift inside. I love wrapping gifts - I always have such a great time. This gift...wrapped in newspaper with a grosgrain ribbon. The card...spray painted with chalkboard paint. Easy. Fun. Different.

I must admit - I had a little help in the photography department as I have come to realize that I am in desperate need of a new camera. So, this is a bonus photo - per request of my photographer. His favorite for the week - beer. Not only is this New Belgium beer his favorite, but he loves the graphic design and colors on the can.

To note: all photos treated by
Rollip to give that "weathered" look.


Rebecca said...

I love this post and your pics. Such a wonderful look at your week.

Tell your sweetie I love the Ranger IPA as well - and the packaging- I am always such a sucker for that.

Teach me how to make the bracelet when we are in SF?

Sonchia said...

You betcha. The tutorial is pretty easy though. Seriously, took me 5 minutes. You are so crafty you don't need MY help.

Can't wait to see you.

smc said...

I see a Craftin-n-Shit project in my future! Miss you, xoxo

CathyP said...

Love this.

Saw another gal make the bracelet with leather straps, as well.