Thursday, March 31

New (to me) blog love

Thank you Julie for sending me a link to this lovely blog post/house pics and saying you thought of the dreamwithinreach girls.  :) 

 [Andres Jacque home on House of Turquoise] - wow want to be in this house now. 


Julie said...

I want to sit there on a chaise longue and sip prosecco or somethin'

Sonchia said...

Very cool.

I love the wall of glass. Immensely. I dream of having such light!

I am not sure about the "trees" in the kitchen. This is sort of a trend I am seeing in a lot of places - and a local restaurant here has a few that come up through a table. People seem to think "hey, that is cool." I am not sure I am into the idea though - seems contrived.


Rebecca said...

I think the trees work in this house because it seems sort of tree house-y, but yeah, I agree overall sorta strange.