Thursday, March 31

An Education

Have you seen An Education yet?  I just watched last night.  
Beautiful clothes and shots of Paris and London.     
Check out this pretty post on Design Sponge about this movie. 
If you have Netflix - you can stream the movie for FREE!


Sonchia said...

Funny you would mention this! See this post from Sept. 2010...

An Education premiered in Telluride. Carey was in town - a virtual unknown at the time - and has since returned to town for subsequent Telluride Film Festivals.

Yes - the clothes are/were amazing. Maybe I should re-watch this one sometime.

Rebecca said...

I knew I had gotten the recommendation from somewhere! hee hee. That is awesome it was at telluride film fest. Yes Carey is adorable. Wow. You are right that it all tied up way to nice. But a fun watch!