Tuesday, March 29

Oh Deer (or Moose)...

The scene...a blustery, blizzardy Sunday morning. MCB is sick. Me - I decide the day is perfect for making soup and cleaning house, so I plan to stay inside that day. Morning coffee is made & I sit down to peruse some of my favorite blogs. A miserable MCB shuffles past me and stops to look at my computer screen. "What is THAT?" he exclaims, "That is awesome!" Inspiration is born. So, while I clean & cook, a sick young man embarks on his own personal Crafternoon project (with a little guidance). His latest obsession? Moose. Why? Well, I am not quite sure except it may have something to do with a high school job at Acrombie & Fitch (gah!). Below is the visual play by play to bring you all up to speed on the completed project.

The inspiration...a silhouetted deer.

Supplies are gathered. First up - a print out of a particularly goofy looking moose, but then again, aren't they all?

The diseased crafter gets down to business.

The printed out moose was traced onto butcher paper & then expertly cut out. MCB nearly lost a finger with all of the cutting involved. "Someone" needs to work on building up their crafting calluses if they want to run with the big dogs.

Final project completed. Moose (dubbed: Larry Wellington III) mounted on a map (of MCB hometown area of Steamboat Springs, CO). So inspired by his own work, the patient tackles additional silhouettes - three to be exact - of espresso makers for friends.

Crafternoon? A smashing success.


Matthew said...

It was hard to craft hard with that insane moose staring at me. But I soldiered on with a fortitude not seen in most male crafters. Played with pain, I did.

Sonchia said...

You call me an insane moose again & we will have to have a long talk mister.

Rebecca said...

Wow. This is wonderful! Love the moose on the map/silhouette on a map idea. I am such a sack of S*** when I am sick. impressed with the craftiness!! You all must come to Tucson for a C-noon. Now.