Wednesday, February 8

Valentines Crafts...

I don't really consider myself a crafty person. Honestly. I like good design, I like clean design. The DIYs I tackle are typically, well, I like to think they aren't too "crafty" in the bric-a-brac and gingham sense.

This time though, I may be coming extremely close. I wanted to send out some Valentines this year - nothing big, nothing time consuming, something simple. These cards may be bordering on cutesy though.

The supplies: stamp pad and blank cards. All just things I had.

Thumb down on the stamp pad (and proof I am in desperate need of a manicure).

Final product: thumb print hearts. Pretty darn "cute." Took all of two minutes honestly. Homemade and personal (which I like).

Seriously, the easiest project ever - if you are into this sort of thing.

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Rebecca said...

Love this idea! You are so good - making valentines and such.