Tuesday, January 5

Lesson Learned

Isn't it amazing what good photography can do for a room?
I realize I need a better camera and need to remember the lessons taught


Anonymous said...

That is a huge difference. I think this means I need to learn how to use my camera doesn't it?! Thanks for the link to Decorno. It is a great place to start.

On a different note thinking of not battling with the brown/beige couch and slip covering that puppy with something bright and bold for some real punch. Just have to see if I can find a suitable slip cover.

CathyP said...

Totally saw this! I don't have a good camera...well I did, but I let one of my ex's take it to Europe..what an idiot (him not me :)

Rebecca said...

Agreed! Want to focus on some picture taking this year. Scott has a good camera - I just need to get it fixed. On the To do list....