Monday, January 4

Lovely House

My friend Dennis sent me the AB Chao Flickr photo stream. Wow. Her pictures are amazing and her house is LOVELY. Love the white them with color accents. Cathy - I thought you would like the Monkey on the bed.


Sonchia said...

That LR is divine. I want more crisp white in my life, but tend to get drawn more to the browns/warm colors. Maybe this is because everything outside the home is so stark white that I have a tendency to make things "warm" inside. Then again, maybe white is just not practical with a messy boy & a black dog.

Love it all the same though.

CathyP said...

Love the LR as well....oy. I love those sheepskins thrown on stuff....I have a cousin who has them (like 8 of them) thrown on the floor to make a rug on top of a rug (make sense?)...and then he has 3 drum tables on top. It is tres sexy :)