Sunday, September 27

Wallpaper Wishing...again

Um, excuse me, but why am I only learning about this now? Do you guys know that Sherwin-Williams offers a product called "Easychange Wallpaper?" According to Sherwin-Williams, "This new generation of wallcovering installs as easily as painting the wall. Some selections are 'paste the wall' while others are pre-pasted - and all are guaranteed to go up and come down effortlessly." Apparently, this product is an environmentally friendly non-vinyl wallcovering, breathable by preventing moisture from being trapped, fully washable, and you can remove the wallpaper simply by pulling off the wall with no special tools or solvents needed. Have you girls heard about this or seen it in person? I wonder if it looks good or like you have a weird sticker on your walls. I must say, I am intrigued.

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Rebecca said...

Have never heard of that until now - awesome!! yes - I want to know if it looks like just a big sticker too. but sounds like a great option! In our imaginary store we can have wall where we try out things like this.