Friday, September 4

This weekend...

This weekend is the Telluride Film Festival. Its a biggie in the film world - according to "experts" - whoever they are. We get the world premier of many Oscar winning films...Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Lives of Others, The Last King of Scotland, Babel, Capote, Slumdog Millionaire - just to name a few.

There are lots of "Hollywood" types around town this weekend as well. The people all dress in black, talk on their cell phones too much, and are waaaay too cool for me, but it makes for interesting people watching. I really really want to get outside this weekend, but if the weather is cruddy (as expected) I guess I will be watching films. I will be sure to tell you guys what was good so you can make sure to see them in the theaters later this year.

Hope you girls have fun things planned for this weekend - it sounds like both of you will be spending time with girlfriends. Have fun!

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Becca said...

Fun! Sounds like an eventful weekend in Telluride. Maybe you can snap some celebrity shots. :)