Tuesday, September 29

In Stitches

So, I have noticed a lot of cross-stitching & embroidery hoops on design blogs lately. Like my earlier post on doilies, I am not so sure I am into this trend. What is it with people trying to reinvigorate various "old timey" handiwork? I mean, I get the idea of trying to update these traditional craft forms by using them in new ways (also by trying to make them "edgy"), but I am sort of on the fence about the entire thing. Thoughts?

Custom Heart Sampler: MiniatureRhino

Embroidered Text Messages: Ginger Anyhow


Rebecca said...

I think it is a cute idea - but might like them hanging in the cabin more than my house. Maybe we should all meet at my parents cabin for a craft weekend?

Sonchia said...

I am in.