Wednesday, September 30

Builder Magazine

[photo taken by me outside at the Ice House Loft]

I was interviewed this summer by Builder Magazine about what buyers are looking for - specifically young(ish) women. So - here is the article! I am on page 4 - it is about living in the Ice House and what I was looking for when buying.

Random funny points:
-A little sad that I am in an article about the Millennial Generation - I am a Gen X! But people vary on what birth years they consider in each generation.
-Funny how the article stated that easy to clean surfaces are important to female buyers. I said it was important to me, but mostly because I brainstormed with Scott before getting interviewed and HE wanted easy to clean surfaces since he is the clean bee in our house.


Sonchia said...

This is so very awesome! How did you get connected with this article! I dig the premise - relates to my masters thesis. Nice work Becca!

Rebecca said...

The Ice House Loft Developers/Architect referred me as someone to talk to. Yeehaw!

Rebecca said...

ps. What did you do your Masters Thesis on?

Sonchia said...

“New Suburbia: An Emerging American Vernacular”