Thursday, October 1

Baby It's Cold Outside

I want this - mostly because I don't have a fireplace and the fact that it is currently 19 degrees out right now. Telluride does not allow wood burning fireplaces for air quality purposes in our little box canyon. I am frozen, and today, this sounds like a wonderful idea for home or office.

The scoop: Piet, the master thesis project of Fredrik Hylten-Cavallius. Piet is a chimney-free indoor stove that burns ethanol fuel instead of wood. The shiny gold layer is actually a brass reflector, and beneath it is a layer of rockwool fire insulation that keeps the outside cool to the touch. The genius design allows you to place this little guy nearly anywhere — bathroom, living room, or even right up next to a wall. What do you think?

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Rebecca said...

I love it. So smart and small. I picture it in my sisters old apt. in chicago. How great would it be to have this in home and in office?