Wednesday, October 21

5 things to think about with me...

1) Compost. I will now have to comply with the law (secretly I am SO HAPPY, as KP has previously said, "I don't want a stink pot up in this shoe box!") I am not going to use the free bin as we do live in such a small spot, I need it to be aesthetically pleasing. The guy below is nice…and there are some other options here.

2) Baggu…I think I am going to get a new set as I can’t find my blue one and I want to really keep one in my handbag. I still haven’t ordered the sandwich wraps as I really don’t eat a lot of sandwiches…I am a left over/hot lunch or a salad kind of gal…hmmmmm

3) Boots…do I have to explain why I am thinking of these? I just got new tights (don’t judge!))

4) J.Crew Sale…Nothing I want is on sale, and I am really frustrated!

5) Holiday Decor….these are from a store here near work…and I stare at them. I basically think about Holiday Decor year-round. It is a major issue both personally and professionally.

Last Thought: Can you compost a pumpkin after you glitter it?


Sonchia said...

So. Many. Things. I. Want. To. Say.

Trying to contain myself here. And - trying to gather my thoughts here in a cohesive manner. Here we go...

1. You posted the exact link I was thinking about. Since we don't/can't really compost - this is new territory to me. I am looking to you for guidance - so, good luck on being the guinea pig here. You must post your discoveries so we all can learn.

2. I have one of these & LOVE it. Like want to marry it and have babies with it love it. Is that going to far? I don't care.

I can guarantee that Justin did NOT pay $81 for this puppy. It was a gift from him. I know he bought it for much cheaper. Again - love. Just a suggestion.

3. I am on the serious hunt for boots. I love that you posted about this as I was thinking of asking you girls the same question.

I have these which I love:

I so want these:

I desperately need black boots, so I will be trying on the Anthro boots you linked. I dig them, but can't decide where to spend the enormous money that boots costs. Sigh.

4. I am hoping that J.Crew has stuff in the store on sale...since I will be in a town that has a J.Crew in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait to get to a "city."

5. I love that you think about holiday decor. That is probably why you have the job you do. I NEVER think about holiday decor. No tips from me here - sorry.

Final thought: no clue

Sonchia said...

Also - re: tights. I own these - so, no judgment coming from me.

Sonchia said...

See - overwhelmed, forgot many things.

For lunch...

A friend recommends these. Not great for the microwave, but great for cold stuff/salads. I have an old set that I love.

We also use a lot of pyrex. Glass. Heavy. Great though. Work in microwave for hot things.

Any other ideas you have...please share!

Rebecca said...

Yes - Lots of thoughts.

-Compost bin - I need one too. Liked the one you put up.
-Reusable bags - We have random ones from Joes (they have one for each state they are in - the AZ one is super cute) and I also have a zip one to keep in my purse - the not so cute $1 from Target but it does the job.
-Boots - Let's continue this discussion. On a big search. I have a pair of red campers and love them. Like this black pair but only in size 5 on Zappos! Thank you for the links for boots - keep them coming.
-PS - love tights and loved the link you sent. Maybe I will copy you and get the same pair since we aren't in the same city. :)

Sonchia said...

Why do boots have to be soooo expensive? Such a commitment. Which I am obviously not good with.