Friday, October 2


Alright - now that we are officially in October (which I cannot believe - I mean, where has the year gone?), I guess we should discuss Halloween. I know we started talking about costumes, but my question today relates more to decorating. Do you all decorate for Halloween? I may get a pumpkin, but am honestly not sure. We will be on a plane to Savannah (woo hoo) on the 31st, so we will probably skip costumes this year - but I am on the fence about decorating. Do you all enjoy decorating for the holidays, or is it just another "project" to deal with?

From Martha Stewart (of course)

This is what I would much rather be decorating for - Dia de los Muertos. Becca - I expect some follow-up on this from Tucson later this month!
[From: CarmelaJay]


Rebecca said...

Dia de los muertos is absolutely my favorite time in Tucson. Many pictures will be taken. I always dress up for Halloween and Day of the Dead (1 week later) but rarely decorate the house. Well - actually decorated for day of the dead - candles, a shrine, lots of roses. If I had an outside porch I would do pumpkins...but we really don't. We don't even get trick or treaters in the Ice House.

CathyP said...

I pull out the Ghost Candles that I bought at Pottery Barn like 9 years ago every year...and a plastic pumpkin. I love to decorate for it, but sort of feel lame that I have no parties, or kids..I am neutral on dressing up, but honestly who doesn't love to wear a wig :)

I always always buy a lot of pumpkins. I just love them...and they can stay around until Thanksgiving. I want to try glittering them ala Martha...will let you know how that goes.

Rebecca said...

I remember those ghost candles! I used to love when I lived with Cathy and we decorated our house for the holidays...miss you DP!