Wednesday, October 14

Bathroom Beauties

Today I am wishing for updated bathrooms. Our condo was built in the early 80s - and the decor is simply awful as I have previously mentioned. Laminate counter tops & gross gray mosaic tiles everywhere. If we owned our condo, we would have gutted our bathrooms years ago and done something bright, white, and lovely. Below are images I dream about - what I one day want my bathroom(s) to look like. Sigh - simple, clean, classic.

I love the funky farm table sink & the mis-matched mirrors.
[from: Absolutely Beautiful Things]

I love sinks under windows. Like seriously love.
[from: Kevin Oreck Architect]

Yes - subway tile & hex tiles. My favorite combo. Swoon.
[from: Kevin Oreck Architect]

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Rebecca said...

Love the top one with mismatched mirrors. So cute. We have small white tiles in our upstairs bathroom, nothing cute like these. But my biggest complaint is that they are hell to clean. Even right after I clean everything, it still looks ick - too many places for dirt to hide out.