Monday, October 26

A Peek in to my Weekend...

Our sewing weekend was wonderful. I am completely depressed that it is over. Good food and drinks were consumed. Great conversations with old friends. Some sewing, knitting and idea sharing was done. I was bad about taking photos. Here are a few!
Knitting lessons
Brooke cutting out a pattern
Nona and Cheri on the sewing machine
Barrie and Lady Creamsicle asleep in the morning


Sonchia said...

Love it - looks so fun! OK - now we need a post on the final products created during this productive weekend. So jealous you girls were so crafty! Jealous.

Rebecca said...

Brooke - Went to SAS fabrics and got cute stuff for shirts (kid stuff). Cut out a pattern and learned about many blogs from Erin for inspiration.
Barrie - bought knitting needles and learned to knit.
Nona - put 2 zippers in on hoodie and dress for Erin.
Rebecca - fixed broken skirt, pinned dress I want to shorten, got frustrated with my sewing machine (I need a new bobbin). Pulled out old pattern/fabric did nothing with it.
Erin - helped everyone and worked on a new shirt for interviews/jobs.
Cheri - got new fabric and pattern and cut out pattern and sewed a bit (also had to deal with my lame sewing machine).

Lots of shit talking.
Lots of talk about Arkansas days.
Lots of amazing and yummy food!
Dance party on Saturday night. So fun.