Friday, October 9

Extreme House Envy

We are very excited for the wedding of our friends Claire and Jonathan this weekend - and yes, I promise photos! The festivities have already started at a house they rented for the week in Barrio Viejo (in Tucson, AZ). I think it is such a smart idea to rent a place for a home base for people to visit/drop by during the week. Claire and Jonathan are basically having open house during the week for people to hang out. So get ready - this house is AMAZING. It is a great vacation rental - want to come stay with your sweeties? A quick walk or bike ride from my house. Check out my photos below. Or go here for many more professional photos.

The beautiful pool/courtyard and a shrine that is inside when you walk in.

The kitchen is perfection. Love the big cactus and the details of vintage stuff.

The sink in the kitchen is an old urinal! Love this look and the window.

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Sonchia said...

OH MY GOD. I am serioulsy in L-O-V-E! When can I move in? This is incredible! I can only imagine the wedding now. I am so beyond jealous - you have no idea. Hope they don't mind that I might one day steal every single one of their wedding ideas. Sigh. I love it all.