Friday, October 9

Wondering About Windows...

Alright girls - another day, another question. Years ago, Justin & I bought a great old window - mainly because we liked the color of the frame. I thought we might hang it up somewhere - which we did - but it never looked right, so we took it down & it now sits behind a file cabinet in our little loft office. I have come across many ideas for how to put this window to use, but I cannot bring myself to do anything - it seems a shame to cover/take out the glass as it is in such great shape - and as previously stated, just hanging it on the wall just doesn't do it for me.

So, any ideas? You girls are crafty. Whadda think?

Some window ideas:

Magnetic Window
Windows as Space Dividers
Coat Rack Window
Window Bulletin Board and/or Chalkboard


CathyP said...

Space divider...but I love the image above, you really didn't like it hanging on the wall?

Sonchia said...

I like the ones above on the wall, but it has yet to work on any wall in our condo we have tried. Maybe we just need new walls?

Rebecca said...

Maybe try on some different walls, or have a backdrop (leaning against wall on table) and flowers in vase or something in front of it?