Thursday, October 22


For this sort of headboard - particularly since we are headboardless (this is a word, right?). I am going to ask our local coffee shops to see if I can't buy some of their burlap coffee bags. I am so digging this look. I also have a mild obsession with burlap. I will let you know what I pull together.

photo by Michael Graydon - via Poppytalk]


CathyP said...

Ok..I have made one of these before. You slept with it! Remember in Chicago, our tiny guestroom had an "upholstered" headboard? It was covered in a bright sea blue/turquoise linen?

Here is what I did. I bought a canvas at the art store, cut batting and fabric to fit..then staple gunned it to the canvas. Then KP hung the "art" like a picture. The trick is to either hang it even with the box spring for a low more modern look, or even with the mattress for your more traditional upholstered look.

It has been white linen, burlap :), pink twill and finally blue-ish :) Right now it is in storage as we have a king bed, and it fits a double/queen perfectly. In my next bedroom it will be ikat or somethign really inky indigo...

You can literally do this project in 45 mins.

Can't wait to see the pics!

Sonchia said...

Don't you worry - I totally remember your headboard! As I live in the middle of nowhere - I need to make a game plan for visiting the "big city" where I can buy a frame, batting, etc. I also need to secure the burlap bags first. Thanks for the constructions tips. I will certainly post when/if I can pull this together.