Tuesday, October 13

A Peek Into My Weekend...

Following Becca's footsteps, here is a peek into my weekend. I had dinner with friends, helped a friend pack up for her move to DC, and had an absolutely frightening run in with an enormous bear - none of which I captured on camera. Guess I need to get better in documenting my weekends if this theme keeps up. Here is a little of what I did capture. It was an amazingly quiet weekend - simply perfect!

I spent a good hour hanging out by the river. Sounds boring, but it was lovely.

Catching up on Glee & watching Season Two of Dexter (love!).
Lemonade & a new issue of Real Simple topped off the afternoon.

Enjoying the last bits of fall.
We got snow today - so, these are now completely covered.
Sigh, winter is here to stay.

Remember this picture? This is what it looks like now.

And, hanging with the dog - who was just as lazy as I was.
Obviously she thinks I am crazy for taking her picture here.


Rebecca said...

Love the peek in to your weekend! The river - wow that is so beautiful. Glee and real simple = perfection.

Sonchia said...

You need to come for a visit - that river shot is literally out my front door.

CathyP said...

So Pretty there...sigh...