Friday, October 2

This weekend...

This weekend is like a trip around the world. Tonight is a Luau going away party for our friend Kirsten who is moving back to DC next week (boo). Tomorrow is Telluride's very own Oktoberfest - replete with a hot dog eating contest & tons of beer. I hope to get in a little hiking this weekend before fall bids us adieu (as it is on its way out already) and winter sets in for good. Hope you girls are having great weekends too!

To note: I will not be wearing a coconut bra tonight.
[From: piratetuba]

I have no idea who these guys are, but they look like they would
make for great drinking buddies.

[From: Kansas City, MO Oktoberfest]


CathyP said...

Why don't you pull out your "Kamanawanalaya" t-shirt?

Sounds fun....we are laying low all weekend, but I think I am going to craft something :)

Sonchia said...

I demand a post regarding any crafting activities. It is a requirement to joining this blog. Don't disappoint missy.

Rebecca said...

The pressure! Too bad I did not know about your Luau - we have way too many Hawaiian shirts at my house (Trader Joes uniform is to blame).

Not too much planned here - going to a birthday party for some friends tomorrow. Cooking Erin a lovely dinner tonight. That's it. Love you all!