Tuesday, October 20

A Peek Into My Weekend...

I had the pleasure of accompanying our friends, Josh & Monique, down to Durango this past weekend on a last minute whim. Monique's parents have a wonderful house just outside of town. J&M were taking their boat down to her parents barn for storage & picking up all of their winter gear - time to get ready for skiing already! Anyway, I went along for fun, sun, and relaxing. Hope you girls had great weekends too.

Almost there!

Three people & three dogs make for cramped quarters. We drove in a borrowed diesel since we were towing a boat. The extra cab space, thankfully, allowed us all to fit in comfort.

Madison hunting field mice...All. Weekend. Long.

The land and irrigation system for the hay that feeds the neighboring horses.

The barn/boat storage space.

We took a little time out for some golf action.

I didn't know we were golfing & therefore was unprepared - clothing wise - for such an activity. So, I did a lot of flag holding.

And a lot of beer drinking. My kind of golfing.

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Rebecca said...

Love these photos! Especially the shadow of you holding the flag. Looks like a beautiful spot! I love last minute trips!!