Friday, October 2

Easy dinner Recommendation

[pizza pre-baked]

We make a lot of pizza in our house - here is one of our favorites for you to try! I recommend getting one of these to cook pizza in the oven.

Brussels Sprout Pizza

1. Pre-made Pizza dough (I get the whole wheat from TJ's or dough from Roma Imports in Tucson. Many of our local pizza places will also sell you dough). Yes, you could make your own, but pre-made dough makes this recipe so fast!
2. Brussels Sprouts - chop and saute with olive oil, salt and pepper.
3. Pizza sauce of your choice (again I go TJ's here- Pizza Sauce).
4. Mozzarella
5. Other add ins: diced green chiles, sausage (we go for the veggie sausage).

Yum! Make a simple side salad and you are done!

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