Friday, October 2

Missed Connection Perfection

Do you read Missed Connections on Craigslist (I know you do Cathy)? I am obsessed. Not to see if someone posted one for me (although I would smile if they did) but there is something about Missed Connections that is so random and wonderful.

My friend Micheal knows of my love for the Missed Connections - and he sent me this lovely work of art along with the information about the artist that illustrates missed connections. Genius!

Harry Bearded Swimmer
Saturday, September 5, 2009
- m4m - 29 (astoria)
we were both
swimming around 5-6 in astoria pool. we ended up walking the same
direction in the park for a while but didn't talk. i wish i had said i figured i would on here.
worth a shot.

Sophie Blackall, a Brooklyn-based artist, illustrates Craigslist 'Missed Connections' ads.


Sonchia said...

I have never read "missed connections." Craigslist is not something that we really use here in Telluride since it is such a small town.

My question is - it is sweet or is it creepy? I am leaning towards creepy that someone would post about someone they saw in a swimming pool (and such). I would much rather someone have the gumption to come up and talk to me rather than write some creepy post about some missed opportunity b/c they were too chicken. Am I being nasty here? It sort of skiives me out.

Rebecca said...

Missed connections is everything - sweet, creepy, funny, check this one out -

There are always ones in Tucson for people who saw each other at TJ's. Scott has gotten one from someone that saw him at work. He was psyched.

Sonchia said...

Hilarious, but still a bit creepy. I absolutely LOVE the illustrations though. Sophie is simply amazing!

CathyP said...

I love this...OMG, OMG