Wednesday, October 21

A peek in to my weekend

We enjoyed a tasty a fall flavored meal. Find the recipe here.
Erin and I got to learn about Chess at All Queens Day @ Bookmans.
Our friend is one of the founders of this amazing organization - 9 Queens

Scott and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary with a picnic in the spot we got married.


Sonchia said...

This is awesome! First - I love that you are learning chess. I have always wanted to learn and am embarrassed by the fact that I have no clue as to how chess is played. Props to you.

I also LOVE that you guys celebrated your 6 month anniversary! With Orla Kiely no less.

Is it weird that after nearly 10 years of dating that Justin & I have not once celebrated an anniversary?

LB said...

Happy six months!

Rebecca said...

Sonchia - I totally don't think it is weird to not celebrate anniversaries. We didn't really celebrate until now. Occasionally I will calculate how long we have been together just for entertainment purposes...
I told Scott he gets to plan our year anniversary. Let's see if he remembers...hee hee.

CathyP said...

I have my big 3 year wedding/6 year dating ann. on the horizon....I dig it. Those are really the only times I can get Keith to drink champagne on a school night and go out to dinner somewhere he hasn't been before :) Honestly, that is why we celebrate...I am a lush ;)