Friday, October 16

Halloween Decision Made!

This weekend we have to do some Halloween shopping. I talked here about Halloween costumes, and the decisions have been made.

Erin (my sister) and I confirmed that we are going to be Haley Mills and Haley Mills in the ORIGINAL Parent Trap. So excited. Thinking we will do the scene when they are fighting at camp and one of them cuts the others dress skirt or the scene where they perform duets for their parents. We need blonde wigs. Check out this cute blog on outfits inspired by Haley Mills and Parent Trap.

Scott is going to be Prefontaine - the runner. He is going to have a fake mustache and wig.


Sonchia said...

You guys/girls are cra-zee. Love it. I am so very sad that there will be no costumes for us this year since we will be on an airplane. Boo.

I expect lots & loads of photographs.

Sandy said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Becca's, recently discovered your blog and enjoying it!

About traveling on Halloween, don't let that deter you. Rebecca and I once shared a very memorable airplane flight on Halloween night--much fun!

Rebecca said...

Sandy- definitely one of my favorite Halloween experiences ever. Giggling at my computer right now.