Thursday, October 8


Hi Font lovers....just saw this on Daily Candy and needed to share the love.... Both of you have amazing handwriting. I do not. I would however like to make my mom's into a font. I think I will do that...

There are no good pictures on the here is a picture from Iomoi. Love their stuff :) Do you guys know them?


Rebecca said...

I totally want to make Nona's handwriting in to a font!

I have never been on iomoi site - love so far!!

Sonchia said...


Awesome post! I have seen this an actually printed out the form months ago, but then never followed through. Typical.

Um, and yes, an iomoi paperweight has been on my Christmas Wishlist every year for about 4 years and I have yet to receive one! I bought one for my sister a couple of years ago though. I love all of them! Here is to hoping that "someone" (hint Justin hint) is reading the comments here and knows that I am serious about my Christmas Wishlist.

XOXO Ladies. Will try to be better about posting this weekend. Becca - I expect TONS of photos from the Tucson wedding this weekend (aka. the wedding I started planning) - I need inspiration!