Wednesday, October 21


Today, the city of San Francisco will require both businesses and residences to compost food scraps and biodegradable products or risk a fine for not properly sorting their garbage. While other cities require recycling service and participation, the law, which Mayor Gavin Newsom signed into effect in June, is the first nationwide to require the collection of food scraps and other compostables. Apparently, to facilitate the program, the city is offering free green compost carts to apartment buildings and businesses, as well as free kitchen pails for renters. Cathy - give us the inside scoop. How is this working for you? Do you guys now have a pail in your kitchen? What is the buzz among your friends? How is this working at Resto when they can't even handle recycling properly? I am so intrigued.


Rebecca said...

Go SF! This makes me miss CA so much. Yes- Cathy keep us posted!

I am trying to be good about bringing my compost to Erin's house.

I am running of the Ice House lofts board of directors so hoping to start a community garden and composting. That is my platform. :)

Go CA and Compost!

Sonchia said...

We have ZERO composting available here. I need to figure out a way to make this happen. I will ask around.

Way to get the Ice House on board - LOVE the idea of a community garden. We are covered in too much snow most of the year to make this happen. It is blizzarding as I type this.

Both of you keep me posted on your progress! Jealous.

CathyP said... one is going to comment on how HOT our mayor is. Ladies....let me tell you, in person he is a total HOTTIE. He also has a gorgeous wife and a little baby girl....

Back to the important stuff! No, I don't have this bin. I really thought (see previous comments)that our bldg. didn't get them because we have disposals. We have a BIG green bin in the garage, so you can compost if you want to...but? HOwever to uphold the law, I guess I will start. Coffee Grinds and Egg Shells here we come!

Work is not in SF, so we def. don't have it there....

Sonchia said...

Ah gotcha.

And yes, your mayor is hot. Happy?