Thursday, October 15

Anna Sui @ Target

Damn it Target! I go in for a few quick items - and you have to lure me with cute and affordable clothes.

Anna Sui is the featured designer at Target right now. There are some great items!!

I got this cute shirt.

And I wish I could have gotten this dress - but they only had in a size 1.
This picture does not do it justice - way cuter in person.

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Sonchia said...

Totally dig this! Anna Sui? Wow. Though we do have fancy pants stores in Telluride, everyone I know shops at Target in Montrose (1.5 hrs away). Montrose is where we do our grocery shopping & run basic errands - the "big city" more or less, thought it is really a po-dunk little town. Anyway, we got a Target last year and it has been life changing. I cannot believe how many clothes I have from Target now b/c it is the only reasonable place to shop. I have Converse jeans (which I actually dig), tons of cute pjs, and lots of fun tops. Our Montrose Target is pretty low on the Target food chain, so we don't get a lot of the super cute stuff (like Anna Sui?) but I will most certainly check in out next time I am in "Mo-town." Thanks for the tip!