Wednesday, September 2

Hanky Panky

Don't you just love these? I have become a devoted hanky user this past year - except when I am really sick. At Hil's memorial service last week I forgot my hanky (no pockets in my dress), but was given one to borrow from one of Hil's fellow fishing guides to use. I just loved that this young man happened to have one on him for me to borrow. I think I need pretty ones like the ones above. So very lovely.


ellis said...

Sonchia!! I didn't know you had a blog!! you sneaky girl...I am going to sit down with a nice cup of tea and read your archives! Woo hoo!! xoxoxo

CathyP said...

Ohhhh the hankie. Reminds me of 2 things:
1) My Dad (Butch)...always has one. White for the week, and a Bandana on the weekend. How many times I had an allergy attack growing up and he had a hankie for

2) I learned to iron, ironing my dad's or grandaddy's hankies. I liked to use spray starch to get them perfect :)

I think you have given me a new thing :)