Wednesday, September 16

Reuse, Recycle, Reupholster

I just came across this article from Natural Home magazine that I found really interesting. Did you know that in the United States, discarded furniture ranks as the fourth-largest contributor to landfills! According to this article, unlike the bargain-basement variety, older furniture was constructed with hardwood frames and solid wooden joinery - rather than wood chips, screws, and metal brackets - so that it would last for generations. Having furniture reupholstered may cost more than a replacement up front, but you’ll wind up with a higher-quality piece that will look and feel good for years. So way to go girls - we are so green! Our own reupholstered projects here & here.


Becca said...

Our chairs are friends! I would love to recover more. Can't believe that furniture is the 4th largest contributor to landfills. insane. Scott and I have seriously dumpster dived at our lofts - people get rid of good stuff!

Sonchia said...

Our "Free Box" used to be the best place to get good furniture. I would always spot amazing things, but with a full condo & a full storage unit I have been forbidden from acquiring anything new until I part with something old. I just don't want to part with anything though!