Tuesday, September 22

Back to School

I don't know about you guys, but I cannot believe that it is nearly the end of September! I spent today (all day) in the Telluride Schools with a visiting scientist as part of Pinhead's "Scholars in the Schools" program. This was my first "in class" program since school started a few weeks ago. Every time I am in the classroom, I am amazed how young the students become - then again, maybe it is just that I am getting old.

Since both Becca & I work with students, I thought I would put together some items that may make us all want to sharpen some pencils in honor of all things "back to school." Why does everything inspire me to think about design?


Becca said...

Sonchia - I LOVE this post. I think of all the back to school inspired items...I love the mug and the headband. Oh oh and the graphkin... genius!

J M Koskinen said...

Great post, Sonchia! I want those graphkins... where can I get some??

Sonchia said...

Click the tag below the image & it should take you right to the store where you can buy some. I think they would also make for a great social experiment at a dinner party.