Sunday, September 13

Easy and Personal Baby Gift idea

I feel like I am constantly behind on baby gifts. I am trying to have a lot of stuff ready at my house, and after many friends having babies, here is my fun, easy (and easy to mail) gift.

1. Buy these iron-ons from SUKIE.

2. Get baby onsies. Iron on initials and cute animals/flowers/etc. Fun and personal.

3. Make a mix of kid friendly, playful songs. I used to work in a toy store, and some of the kid music is PAINFUL. Why not make a fun happy mix for parents and kids to enjoy? Make your own CD cover. Click here for directions. I like to print on fun paper.

4. Wrap it up nice.

5. Mail.

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Sonchia said...

Um, this is awesome! I love it. Thanks for the tip(s).