Thursday, September 24

Dear Diary...

So, I haven't been able to maintain a diary in eons it seems - though maybe this blog is sort of like a diary. We keep track of things we want, record events, and showcase items we love. Anyway, if I were disciplined enough to keep an actual diary, the Keel's Simple Diary might be one I could actually maintain.

The idea behind this diary..."Keel's Simple Diary offers structure for those who don't have time to wonder, making it easy to record life's moments. It gives the pleasure of a quick response and the sense that no matter what's wrong, more is right." I don't know if that is inspiring or depressing. Anyway, click the images to see pages close up - they are a riot.


Becca said...

Sonchia I love this! I always want to keep a diary and never stick with it. Downloaded a
"gratitude" journal on my iphone that I am loving. Cheesy...I know. But sums up the day nicely.

Sonchia said...

A) LOVE that you comment on every post I make - seriously - it makes my day.

B) You are mean. Only b/c I am jealous I don't/can't have an iPhone. Dare to dream - I want one so bad I can taste it. Any chance you can convince Apple/AT&T to set up a tower in Tride? Get on that. Thanks.

Becca said...

The iphone is great - and I am not meaning to make you jealous. I think it will not require AT and T soon - I hope. I just got Erin and iTouch as a graduation gift and she is loving it. A good substitute until iPhone? Or hold out until you can do the real deal?

Yes- I post on everything. Our blog is my treat that I give myself between student appointments. Just enough time to read posts and comment.