Sunday, September 6

I want...

Seriously, I have always wanted this set of china. I love, love, love this pattern! It is waaay above my price range, even if I do ever register one of these days. Now that you girls are married maids - what, if any, china did you register for? Is even having china relevant these days?


Kirsten said...

I love china. I love your coral set.. can you please register?

Of course, my favorite is the all expensive flora danica mushroom china:

Anna and Dave got this colorful set:

And Katherine and Andrew got this classic:

China is tremendously fun to look at.

Sonchia said...

Kirsten -

First I loved that you commented on this. You girls are so traditional & I love it! I think my Mom has the same pattern as Katherine & Andrew. She has a full set of some china (I cannot remember the pattern) that she received when she married my dad. She then decided about 6 years ago that we wanted a whole new set (in addition to the one she already has) and bought the full set of the Royal Copenhagen Blue Lace. She claimed that she would then have one set to give each of us girls. I think she just wanted some new china to use for her dinner parties!

She also used it for a Junior League Designer's Showhouse once too...

Under portfolio 2:

Thanks for the comment - fun!

Becca said...

We did not register for China. Only a new basic white plate set. Love all these links for amazing China designs...someday when we have a bigger kitchen/house I would love some beautiful china - seriously that mushroom china is AMAZING.

CathyP said...

I have China and Silver...but it lives with my mom as I have no room for it. Someday.

I didn't register for any of it...Got Granny's China, and my Silver is a set that Glenn won at work in 1978 or something totally bizarre-o. Silver is still all in the packaging...never even been eaten off of.

I will find photos to send both patterns have also been discontinued.