Thursday, September 3


Update (1) Went to Denver for a wedding. We didn't really know many people there....including the bride. There were 3 things there that I loved... A LOT (Keith is here because he is cute, and holding a pinwheel)

a) Cupcake Bar (are you kidding????)
Just naked cupcakes with bowls of butter cream icing and sprinkles waiting to be made and gobbled up....I ate 2. They also had late-night cheese steaks and mac n' cheese.....seriously.

b) Amazing Libations
3 Big Glass Jars with Lavender Lemonade, Mint Juleps, or Sweet Tea (all spiked).....served in these.

c) Photo Booth.
These are just really fun. Our photos aren't even that good..but it was just so fun to be in there hammin' it up :)

Update (2) I have been a really bad post-er on this here blog and I am sorry. I have some ideas for a weekly series we could do, would you guys be into that?

Update (3) I just booked a girls overnight to LA for next Saturday...and I wish you two were coming with me! ugh.


Sonchia said...

I wish Telluride & Denver were closer.

Weekly series? Do tell.

What other girls could you possibly hang out with besides us? Grrr. (of course - kidding)

Becca said...

Love the jars the drinks were served in. Cath - remember pee-pa's punch? Would have been perfect in those jars.

Weekly series - love it.
Trip to LA? Wish I could meet ya'll! Helena and fiance are in town this weekend for a wedding in Tucson so hanging here had entertaining the New Yorkers.

Becca said...

ps. KP looks adorable in that pic. I miss being wedding dates with you all.

CathyP said...

OK...You say..."My Favorite Pen is a Sharpie"...then you tell us why, etc. Then I post and say..."My Favorite Pen is a Brown .4 Pilot Hi-Tec-C" and tell you why, etc.

We can do it on anything....
Drink other than Domestic Light
Place to Read, think, cry....

I can go on and on.

Once a week, we take you only have to start the chain every 3 weeks.