Thursday, September 10

What I look at all day...

Welcome to the Pinhead Institute & what I look at all day! My office is located above a bank here in Telluride. I share the floor with the CEO of RSN, a guy that runs a hedgefund, and the Telluride branch of the Nature Conservancy...all men (boo). Below are images from my little office - with descriptions under each...

To my left - I work by both overhead light & lamplight as it can get pretty dark in the office, particularly on rainy days like today and/or during the winter months when the sun goes below the mountains around 2 PM (seriously). You can see a smattering of the piles & piles of "stuff" in this office. I didn't take any images of all of the "stuff" that I have stored in this little office - chemicals, wire, diapers, papers, drop cloths, beakers, buckets, magnifying glasses...the list goes on. I am super anal about keeping the office organized as there is so much in here, I would go crazy if there wasn't a place for every little thing. You may be able to notice that my label maker comes in super handy around here.

Center - across from my computer. This is the wall that I stare at all day long. I found this humongous bulletin board on the street and carried it 3 blocks to my office. I post all of the photos of my kids that I send on internships each summer. As they are placed, I print out the homepage from the website from where they will be working. On the right side I print up calendar pages so there is a shared, visual, account of what is happening around here. I am such a visual person that having my kids & my schedule all up on the wall keeps me sane.

To my right - and a lot closer than this picture makes it seem. This was Hilary's desk. It is empty and makes me sad. I miss her so very much. She would turn her chair around and we would talk, gossip, and brainstorm all day together. This desk is seriously like 3 feet from the edge of my desk. Teeny tiny little office.

And - out the window. On the far right you can see the ski runs. They are much clearer in the winter when the aspens leaves are gone. There is also a lift running from the right to the center of this image. Hilary & I used to hate watching people get on the lift each morning knowing we were stuck at work. I love the decks on the right side of the screen. These units are short term rental condos. Tourists don't realize we are sitting in here and they often come out on their deck to read, drink coffee in their pjs, make out with one another, smoke from their bong - it is great people watching. Our town library is the big brick building.

That is it ladies! Thanks for letting me share. Wish I had a reading nook too!

I also wanted to share the wall behind my desk. I bought a bunch of RIBBA frames at IKEA and have Pinhead posters & photos arranged in each one. We often change them out as new programs occur. Anyway, just another image I thought worth sharing.


Becca said...

Glad you added the behind the desk photo. So cute! Your view is awesome. Also love the idea of the board with where your students are.

Becca said...

ps. Do you have a Mac at work?! Lucky!!

Sonchia said...

I do! It has a gi-normous screen that I love. I only wish it were a laptop though as it would be nice to work outside on the nearby deck (yesss) on nice days.

CathyP said...

OH I forgot to show you my is of 2 things.

1) a fountain (that to it's credit makes a nice water noise for me all day)where all the smokers sit and chat, or people try to have "private" conversations....I CAN HEAR YOU

2)the 101....UGH