Friday, September 25

Say Cheese!

Today - I am thinking about cameras. My friend Lauren (artist and craft master) has a collection of vintage cameras as well as a beautiful picture she took of a camera hanging in her house (see picture below).
[photo taken by: Lauren Brennan]

Fun stuff inspired by cameras!

[From: Delia*s]

[Camera stamp (I bought one for Andrew) found on Etsy]

[Napkins Found on Etsy]

[wonderful new iPhone app - CameraBag that will help you Edit photos]

[photo taken by Rebecca Safford - edited on CameraBag]


LB said...

Love! would it be too much to wear that shirt to my photo class?

Sonchia said...

I L-O-V-E this post. I wish I were a better photographer...I actually think about this a, perfect post.

There are so many amazing photographers here - I am jealous.

Anyway - here is a question for you...While I honestly believe that some people have an "eye" for photography and are truly gifted, what are your thoughts on a "good camera = a good photograph?" I feel as though if I had a better camera, I would take much better pictures. Maybe that is just a lame excuse though as I know many truly talented photographers who have taken uh-mazing shots with a point & shoot.

Just throwing it out there as a discussion point.


Becca said...

I think great photos can be taken with anything - some of my favorite shots are with my iphone camera. :) Scott is the photographer in our couple - he takes the fancy art-y photos with his fancy camera. The good camera lets him take the super up-close pictures of flowers/cactus, etc.

I have a point and shoot - and love to manipulate the photos to make them better after I take them. I just use iPhoto but want to explore more with Photoshop.

Lauren - what are your thoughts as a photographer? Oh - and I totally think you should wear the camera shirt to photo class. If someone tells you they like your shirt - you know you have a new friend. hee hee Also - super jealous that Lauren gets to take classes at RISD!!